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The gods took away our technology for unknown reasons.
We have no fire bond to cook, no axe to cut and no lamp to show us the way.
Winter is coming and supplies are needed more than ever.

Play as a lone Inuit and try to survive as you gather supplies before
the razor sharp cold strikes the land.


use ARROW KEYS or WASD to move

Use MOUSE LEFT CLICK to gather resource and action

use ESCAPE to return to the title screen

press M to toggle mute


Your objective is to get a house full of supplies (4 of each type) and get inside of it before the winter comes.

It does not matter what house you are in, as long as it is full of resources and you are in it before the winter comes you are safe.

It's too cold outside. Enter the warmth of a hut to recover your temperature from time to time. If you stay out for too long, you'll freeze to death.

___________________________ABOUT THE TEAM ___________________________

Ernani Rocha - Game Designer / Producer

Tales D'Emidio - Artist

Ariel Bello - Programmer

Pedro Paternostro - Programmer

Bashar Saade - Programmer

Mach9 Audio - Music/ Sfx


Arquivo Comprimido.zip 21 MB

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